Gaming industry advances to be used in cockpits?

Gamining Industry To Influence Aviation Technology

© Honeywell

Man-machine interfaces look ever more likely today as avionics attitudes change. Inclusion of gesture based touch screen primary flight displays, voice control and 3D displays are becoming more of a possibility as safety regulators take an open mind to the incorporation of gaming technology, Flight International reported.

Synthetic vision approvals were first made in 2002. The following year, Texas-based Chelton Flight Systems earned a supplemental type certificate for its wireframe SV on the primary flight display. Universal made news again in 2005, with an egocentric SV system for the PFD in Part 25 aircraft.

A number of airframers are working on creating  advanced EFVS that will allow for a zero ceiling, zero decision height. Research and development continues on fused SV and infrared displays.

With so many technological developments being made the FAA asked why with such good safety present it was necessary to incorporate gaming type technology in aircraft, and expressed concerns over this technology being distracting for pilots. Ultimately if proved safe and improving the pilots ability to control and monitor the aircraft these are likely to be become increasingly widespread.

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