UK Government ‘not anti-aviation’

Heathrow won't get 3rd runaway
Airport Operators expressed concerns at the u-turn on the third runway policy.

After the recent turnaround by Labour with the decision to scrap an additional runway at Heathrow it was starting to look like the UK government were ‘anti aviation’, slowing growth of the industry in the UK, the Press Association reported today.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening said “I want to emphasise that the decision we took does not mean we are anti-aviation. This Transport Secretary and this Government are anything but.”

There has been some talk of creating a new hub in the south-east, put forward by Boris Johnson, which has not been outright rejected at this point, so we will wait and see if this comes to fruition.

Trying to allay some of the concerns expressed by airport operators Justine Greening went on to say “I recognise that the industry needs certainty and decision making in the long-term national interest, not chopping and changing for reasons of short-term political advantage.”

She added: “It’s time to turn the page and write a new chapter in the story of aviation. Prominent in that new chapter will be a credible, workable aviation strategy.


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