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PASSENGER COMMSMost of us realise that mobile technology is the future of communications and we see it everywhere we look. Passengers on aircraft are beginning to demand mobile functionality to continue telling our friends, family and neighbours about our great flight. Providers are finding themselves under pressure to decrease costs and increase speeds.

Now we see that passengers are not the only ones using mobile devices to improve the cabin experience. Cabin crew can now get access to passenger data in real-time, which is enabling them to increase levels of customer service like never before.

Providers of the tech and solutions, such as Rockwell Collins with their ARINC Cabin Connect suite offer solutions for both the cabin and the flight deck utilising the same hardware. Soon, with comparable ground-speeds, boarding the aircraft and using the mobile device will be the same as sitting at home or in the office.

Miracle on the Hudson pilot to speak at NBAA | Aviation industry newsEveryone remembers the day that Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger became widely recognised as the incredible ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ pilot, when he and his first officer, Jeffrey Skiles, skilfully brought their Airbus down safely, saving everyone on board, in the Hudson River six years ago.

Captain Sullenberger has been invited to speak about the experience at next month’s NBAA convention in Las Vegas, highlighting the significance of professionalism, leadership and preparedness training for aviation safety.

Business Aviation Services Provider | Corporate SpecialistsLast month, Oakland County International Airport hosted an expo in partnership with the Michigan Business Aviation Association in a bid to bring more business aircraft to the region.

The event, held at the LEED Gold-certified terminal, featured four workshops – ‘Getting Started with Business Aviation’, ‘Operating a Flight Department in Your Business’, ‘The Ins and Outs of an Aircraft Transaction’ and ‘FAA Medical Certification Update’ – and 25 exhibitors, inviting business jet owners and operators to the airport’s runways.

Tours of aircraft and some of the airport’s facilities for business aviation were also conducted.

Find Out More About Business Aviation Solutions from Rockwell CollinsThe Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) 2015 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil is the latest showcase for Rockwell Collins’ innovations and includes flight deck, cabin and flight support services from ARINCDirect.

In attendance will also be an expert team who will discuss the improved experience for pilots, flight operations departments and for passengers using the latest enhancements for business jets.

Pro Line Fusion® advanced avionics with graphical interfaces and head-up guidance features with touch-screen capabilities.

ARINCDirectSM flight support services, which combine their traditional values with Rockwell Collins’ Ascend flight information management system.

VenueTM HD cabin management and entertainment system includes wireless applications and, at the moment, is the most popular HD system in the industry.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect features for business aircraft also include a range of mobile applications for both flight operations crew and passengers.

Leading Providers of CPDLC for Commercial AviationAs a part of the Single European Skies ATM Research (SESAR) joint undertaking, the Iris Precursor Programme phase one completion takes Europe another step closer to its goal of creating the worlds most advanced air traffic management infrastructure.

Now, with phase one completed, another €7.6 million of funding will now be made available by the European Space Agency (ESA) and its partners to commence phase two, which will focus on the satellite network overlay.

ESA’s Iris Precursor Programme is operating in partnership with Inmarsat, the well-known British satellite company and will provide the means to streamline the current ATM system and allow aircraft to use Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) to its maximum efficiency, increasing safety significantly over Europe.

Aviation Industry NewsAn official from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has said that the case for missing flight MH370 cannot close until the plane is found, despite spiralling costs as the search continues.

Until conclusive evidence can be uncovered about the whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft, then search efforts, currently led by Australia will continue.

The search has cost an estimated U.S. $11 million since it began in March last year and the ICAO maintain that the responsibility for the search must remain with Malaysia, China and Australia.

There is still no evidence to suggest the reason for the aircraft losing radar coverage, and the ICAO are no closer to knowing whether it was a safety issue, a security or a technical issue.

Mr Raymond Benjamin, secretary-general for the ICAO said, “Without the wreckage, we don’t know.”

Providers of Free Messaging Audits to Help Manage Aviation CostsThirteen Indonesian airlines have been issued with an ultimatum by the Ministry of Transport to improve their finances by the end of the month.

With risks to their operator licenses, the airlines must begin to address their financial situations as many are in negative equity, which is leading to safety concerns.

The pressures placed upon global airlines is enormous, with fuel price fluctuations, ground fees and maintenance mandates, to name but a few. Messaging costs can spiral out of control in a system that can be complex, confusing and expensive.

Aviation consultancy specialists can help in certain areas and can help airlines to manage these kinds of costs more effectively.

Find Out More About ARINCDirect Flight Support Services SuiteRockwell Collins has announced that is has released a series of updates for its ARINCDirect Flight Operations System, FOS.

Also, FOS can now be integrated with their ARINCDirect safety management tools, providing access to flight and fatigue risk assessment via the Pulsar Infomatics Aviation Fatigue Metre suite, giving users instant identification capabilities for fatigue ‘hot spots’ across a given operational schedule.

Brian Kruger, senior director of Applications and Services for Rockwell Collins said that the upgrades place a focus on ‘enhancing efficiency for flight departments’.

The latest version of FOS features enhanced mobile functionality with a touch-screen interface for users of tablets and smartphones.

Business Aviation NewsInternational Jet Management and Mena Aerospace have entered into a joint venture for the promotion, sale and co-ordination of chartered business jets in Bahrain, which will allow IJM to develop and expand its business into the Middle East.

The MENA subsidiary, MAE Aircraft Management, hold a Kingdom of Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs-issued Aircraft Operating Certificate and are based at Bahrain International Airport in a private hangar facility.

By forming the partnership, IJM are looking forward to working with a locally respected aircraft management company to ‘achieve a strategy for mutual growth.’

RVSM Height-Monitoring Equipment Maintenance Rules Change | Business Aviation NewsEasing the requirements for maintenance for RVSM Height-Monitoring equipment will save business operators in the region of $14 million in the first year alone, according to the FAA this week. Additionally almost 34,000 FAA inspection hours will also be freed.

Since 2008, NBAA representative have been trying to reduce the burden placed on operators for compliance with the maintenance program, without compromising the safety aspects of RVSM airspace.

As regulations stand, to achieve RVSM approval, operators must prepare and submit a separate maintenance program to their local FSDO for all RVSM equipment on top of all other aircraft-related maintenance, adding time and cost for the inspectors and the operator.

Updated regulatory requirements will streamline the RVSM maintenance program and reduce the burden on operators.