RVSM Maintenance NPRM Easing Supported by NBAA

RVSM Height-Monitoring Equipment Maintenance Rules Change | Business Aviation NewsEasing the requirements for maintenance for RVSM Height-Monitoring equipment will save business operators in the region of $14 million in the first year alone, according to the FAA this week. Additionally almost 34,000 FAA inspection hours will also be freed.

Since 2008, NBAA representative have been trying to reduce the burden placed on operators for compliance with the maintenance program, without compromising the safety aspects of RVSM airspace.

As regulations stand, to achieve RVSM approval, operators must prepare and submit a separate maintenance program to their local FSDO for all RVSM equipment on top of all other aircraft-related maintenance, adding time and cost for the inspectors and the operator.

Updated regulatory requirements will streamline the RVSM maintenance program and reduce the burden on operators.

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