ICAO Says MH370 Case Cannot Close

Aviation Industry NewsAn official from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has said that the case for missing flight MH370 cannot close until the plane is found, despite spiralling costs as the search continues.

Until conclusive evidence can be uncovered about the whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft, then search efforts, currently led by Australia will continue.

The search has cost an estimated U.S. $11 million since it began in March last year and the ICAO maintain that the responsibility for the search must remain with Malaysia, China and Australia.

There is still no evidence to suggest the reason for the aircraft losing radar coverage, and the ICAO are no closer to knowing whether it was a safety issue, a security or a technical issue.

Mr Raymond Benjamin, secretary-general for the ICAO said, “Without the wreckage, we don’t know.”

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