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Business Jet Just before the opening of Geneva EBACE this year, two major aviation companies announced the launch of new, longer-range business jets, both set to be ready for the markets in early 2015.

The Gulfstream G650ER, an upgraded version of the popular G650, is undergoing FAA certification and will share the same cabin, systems and avionics, but will have a capacity of 7,500 nautical miles, the longest range of its class, according to Gulfstream.

“The G650ER provides our customers with greater mission flexibility and the longest range of any business jet,” Scott Neal, Gulfstream senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, said in a statement. “It’s the only aircraft in the world capable of travelling 7,500 n.m.”

Dassault have announced the development of the Falcon 8X, the sixth in the family, including the Falcon 5X that is still in development. The Falcon 8X will have a capacity to carry eight passengers and three crew, with the longest cabin of any other Falcon. With a range of 6,450 nautical miles, the aircraft will also have the longest range of the Falcon family.

Certification is expected at the beginning of 2016 for the Falcon 8X with deliveries to follow before the end of that year.

Other Providers of iPad Applications for the CockpitThe iPad Mini with retina display will soon become a feature on the flight deck after being issued with a letter of Operational Suitability by the FAA for use with Jeppesens’ electronic flight bag (EFB).

‘We are pleased with the findings of the FAA evaluation team confirming the use of iPad mini and Jeppesen mobile EFB solutions,’ said Tim Huegel, director of Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management, ‘iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display offer pilots the incredible detail and ease of use they need when leveraging our valuable data-driven apps and flight information in the cockpit’.

U.S. operators and air carriers must gain formal FAA authorisation for the use of electronic flight bag applications on the flight deck and Jeppesen will issue copies of the letter to those customers that express an interest in the use of the iPad Mini for specific use in their authorisation application.

Other providers of EFB solutions include ARINC Direct, recently acquired by avionics giant, Rockwell Collins. EFB solutions, such as iPad pilot apps, can minimise weight in the cockpit and bring a significant reduction of the pilot’s workload, offering sharing capabilities for flight information, changes to the flight plan and real-time weather updates, graphics and maps.

The advent of the iPad and now the iPad Mini on the flight deck moves the industry another step closer to the sought-after paperless cockpit.

ARINC Direct Business Flight Support ServicesAs Rockwell Collins see the business aviation industry growing, it makes sense that after its acquisition of ARINC Inc was finalised late last year, that the business aviation division, ARINC Direct brands and Rockwell Collins applications would gel perfectly in the business flight support services sector.

Rockwell Collins formed the Information Management Services division in January, placing Jeff Sanderski in the senior vice president role. It is a worldwide operation with offices in London and Singapore in addition to the HQ in Annapolis and a further US office in Houston with a total of 2,200 employees.

Around 22% of the business for this division lies in business aviation – a figure that Mr Sanderski sees growing as more private jet aircraft continue to be fitted with Rockwell Collins/ARINC Direct applications, including air-ground voice and data, ground-ground networks and business flight support services.

Other Providers of Business Aviation ServicesConsiderable growth in the business aviation services sector has been highlighted by the announcement that Gogo plans to relocate its business aviation division, Aircell, to a larger facility in Broomfield, CO, later this year.

Aircell provides business aviation services, including in-flight entertainment and connectivity to private jet aircraft. With almost 200 employees, and plans to create more jobs, the company expect further growth over the next few years and hope that the new facility, housing more than double the space that they currently occupy, will suit their future expansion needs.

The business aviation services sector has experienced a surge in recent times, largely due to the competitive demands of the modern executive traveller. It is expected to offer seamless connectivity during the entire flight and with aircraft covering greater distances, it has been necessary for business operators to step up to the challenges of continuous connectivity.

Business aviation services providers, such as ARINC Direct, bring seamless connectivity to their customers with a unique partnership of Inmarsat and Iridium satellite communications networks. This partnership offers truly global coverage, even when traversing oceanic expanses and Polar Regions.

As demands continue to grow, the business aviation services sector is expected to become more and more competitive and will give rise to further expansion as the year passes. There are no visible signs of business slowing, and as regulatory conditions continue to add to the pressure, it is set to be an interesting year for business aviation services.

Flight Deck WeatherWeather Services International (WSI) has announced a new platform in its aim to further improve aircraft efficiency and safety. The new WSI Business Aviation Solution platform combines tools such as weather and flight information, operational data and airspace constraints, offering those tasked with making operational decisions a comprehensive view of this vital data.

WSI’s information systems are currently in use by over 130 commercial airlines on over 55,000 daily flights and have three main platforms; each targeted to fulfil distinct data requirements.

For pilots WSI Pilotbrief offers global weather information to assist in the optimisation of flight paths.  For schedulers and dispatchers WSI Fusion enables global flight tracking with real-time weather alerts, and WSI Hubcast enables ground crew to track flights and prepare for disruptive weather events.

Up-to-the-minute weather data is critical to flight safety, to facilitate swift decision-making on the flight deck and flight support teams on the ground. Other providers, such as ARINC Direct, bring radar data information outside the U.S. to business aviation operators; the only providers to do so.

Working as the professional solutions arm of The Weather Company, WSI is able to alert aviation to multiple hazards en-route, providing information on anything from turbulence, icing and convection right through to the less frequently encountered presence of volcanic ash.

Passenger Data Solutions ProvidersIn a move to improve border security and enhance accountability, Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration has chosen ARINC’s e-Government solution. The solution will support Mexico’s immigration policies, enabling the government to improve the process of assessing individuals upon entry in addition to monitoring exit from the country.

The collection of Advanced Passenger Information (API) is a large part of the solution and complies with U.S. mandates in this area. Data gathered allows a detailed review of the passengers before they land in the destination country and can help to recognise high risk passengers, which in turn, allows greater efficiency when managing passenger processing, enhances border security and speeds up the entire process.

ARINC and the INM plan to have the system in place and operational by the end of this year and look forward to the vast improvements that it will allow. The e-Government program is a part of the ARINC electronic borders portfolio, specifically developed to meet modern security and government requirements.

The improvements will service more than 250 commercial airlines that currently operate in Mexico, delivering all the API messaging into the country once the implementations are completed.

“ARINC looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the government of Mexico and our close partners, INM,” said Vice President of ARINC Global Network and IT Solutions, Yun Chong, “Airports and other points of entry must meet border security requirements while still providing the highest levels of customer service. We are committed to helping INM meet its current and future border security and control objectives.”

Aircraft Internet & Wi-Fi Services for Business AviationIn-flight Wi-Fi is not breaking news; its popularity continues to grow as passengers begin to expect more from flight operators in terms of connectivity.

In light of this, GoGo has introduced its latest in in-flight technology, giving Smartphone users the opportunity to make phone calls and text as though they were on the ground.

The GoGo air-to-ground connection will operate through the aircraft’s wireless network instead of the picocells, traditionally used for telephone connections.

New rules, sanctioned by the FAA, now give passengers permission to use their electronic devices; Smartphones and tablet technology during the entire flight, even during take-off and landing, of course, still subject to the requirements of the individual airlines.

Data transfers must still be restricted to ‘airplane mode’ and transmissions across cellular networks are still a ‘no-no’, but with a GoGo app, Smartphone users will be able to roam on the aircrafts in-flight service as though they were on the ground.

Other providers of such in-flight Wi-Fi solutions, such as ARINC Direct, offer seamless connectivity to business aviation passengers.  The business passenger places a generally higher demand upon the airline operators in terms of connectivity and welcome the ‘office-in-the-sky’ scenario.

aircraft communicationsDesignated airtime resellers, Honeywell have signed an agreement with ARINC Direct to provide the new Inmarsat GX Aviation connectivity to the Business Aviation Industry.

The agreement will provide ARINC Direct with the ability to incorporate the new GX Aviation into their Business Aviation Services and sell subscriptions packages to business jet operators and private owners.

The new Inmarsat GX Aviation is a Ka-band solution that will be available at the beginning of 2015 and will bring faster-than-ever broadband speeds for inflight messaging and entertainment that will rival those of ground-based operations.

Aircraft internet services for passenger communications will be faster and more cost-effective than existing services and will enhance flight deck communications with web-based services that can be accessed and operated in real time.

Inmarsat, a British Satellite Network has commissioned Boeing to build four satellites for the provision of the service and the first of which is expected to be ready to launch as early as December 2013.

ARINC Direct is delighted to be at the forefront of the new connectivity, following in the pioneering footsteps of ‘big brother’ ARINC Inc.

Aircraft Internet with ARINC Cabin Connect

ViaSat, providers of Yonder Internet Service for business jets say their customers are feeling the benefit of their high speed aircraft internet after an increase of 60% in bandwidth, new systems and ground station upgrades.

Aircraft internet is rapidly becoming a necessity on the modern executive jet aircraft.  Passenger communications solutions are big news in the business aviation services sector.

With the demands on the increase, the pressure is upon aircraft internet and aircraft wifi providers to bring new, fast and reasonably priced solutions to the industry.

Aircraft satellite communications bring speed, efficiency and cost effectivity to a world that needs seamless global connections.  Business Jet passengers need to work at the same levels of productivity as they do in their ground-based offices and customer service is a firm ground in competitive conditions.

Aircraft internet providers for business aviation such as ARINC Direct, are constantly expanding their extensive suite of solutions.  Competitive packages are individually tailored to suit their customers whether they operate a single executive jet or an entire fleet.

ARINC Direct Flight Support Services

Leading provider of flight support services solutions for business aviation, ARINC Direct, has announced the launch of Vector SMS, a quality and Safety Management System (SMS) that will improve operational efficiency and enhance flight safety.

The solution, brought via third party ARINC partner, Polaris, will be demonstrated at the NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas later this year.

Vector SMS will be a critical addition to ARINC Direct’s flight support services, enabling flight departments compliance with SMS standards, such as IS-BAO and ICAO, with swift efficiency.  With a service designed for the needs of flight departments of any size on a subscription basis, it is a cost-effective solution for the implementation of a safety management system.

“SMS is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide,” said Bob Richard, Vice President of ARINC Direct. “ARINC, along with our partner Polaris, is leading the industry in providing organizations with a comprehensive safety management program that truly represents the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation.”

“Polaris Aero’s continued partnership with ARINC Direct will greatly increase the awareness and acceptance of SMS among flight departments,” said Christopher Connor at Polaris Aero. “We are excited to provide a rich set of SMS functionality to ARINC Direct, a company that continues to drive innovative flight planning solutions in our industry.”