GoGo Introduce In-Flight Talk and Text Service for Passenger Connections

Aircraft Internet & Wi-Fi Services for Business AviationIn-flight Wi-Fi is not breaking news; its popularity continues to grow as passengers begin to expect more from flight operators in terms of connectivity.

In light of this, GoGo has introduced its latest in in-flight technology, giving Smartphone users the opportunity to make phone calls and text as though they were on the ground.

The GoGo air-to-ground connection will operate through the aircraft’s wireless network instead of the picocells, traditionally used for telephone connections.

New rules, sanctioned by the FAA, now give passengers permission to use their electronic devices; Smartphones and tablet technology during the entire flight, even during take-off and landing, of course, still subject to the requirements of the individual airlines.

Data transfers must still be restricted to ‘airplane mode’ and transmissions across cellular networks are still a ‘no-no’, but with a GoGo app, Smartphone users will be able to roam on the aircrafts in-flight service as though they were on the ground.

Other providers of such in-flight Wi-Fi solutions, such as ARINC Direct, offer seamless connectivity to business aviation passengers.  The business passenger places a generally higher demand upon the airline operators in terms of connectivity and welcome the ‘office-in-the-sky’ scenario.

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