6th U.S. Border Security Hearing Discusses Airports Technology

Providers of Electronic Border Security SolutionsThe sixth hearing of the Senate committee this year focused upon the U.S’s borders security technology, perimeters and infrastructure this week.

Chaired by Mr Ron Johnson, testimony was given on the current state of borders security as the committee look forward to the next steps to be taken to increase effectiveness.

Representatives from Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agencies gave testimony at the hearing where it was noted the ‘DHS could do a better job of collecting data’.

Information was also shared and discussed regarding perimeter fencing of airport environments, and the use of improved technology to increase situational awareness, an area that many committee members feel is seriously lacking.

Physical security measures in airports are the ‘front line.’ These would include perimeter fencing and security surveillance equipment. Other measures that focus upon enhanced technology with biometric solutions are becoming increasingly popular around the world, particularly as passenger demand increases for greater control of their travel arrangements with self-service systems.

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