Singapore Airlines Introduce Mobile Cabin Services Solution

Other Providers of Cabin Services Solutions - AirCrew Connect Singapore Airlines have introduced a new, tablet-based mobile app for cabin crew to improve and enhance customer services.

The app, TCS CrewCollab will automate and streamline many of the inflight processes that the cabin crew deal with in the air, such as processing customer flight lists, flight information and crew information, which traditionally has been handled on paper.

The entire system will increase efficiency throughout the cabin and improve passenger experience through enhanced customer services.

Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice President Cabin Crew, Mr Marvin Tan said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with our long-standing partner Tata Consultancy Services to develop TCS CrewCollab Solution. The application is vital to how we will continue to improve our operations and enhance our customer servicing on board. We look forward to developing the application further in partnership with TCS, to enable our crew to offer a more personalised customer experience and meet our customers’ evolving travel needs.”

“Digital forces like mobile, social and big data analytics are creating tremendous possibilities for businesses globally. TCS CrewCollab Solution harnesses these digital forces in the hands of airline crew to deliver enriched customer experience,” said Ms S Sukanya, VP and Global Head, Travel Transportation and Hospitality Unit, TCS. “Singapore Airlines is one of our most valuable and long standing clients in the region and this partnership brings an industry-validated, ready-to-deploy solution to the airline industry.”

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