As Aviation Travel Market Surges, Global Airport Security Sector Does Too

Leading Airport Security Providers - Physical and Infrastructure ProtectionFlight passenger numbers are increasing every year by an average of 5%, which may not sound like much, but we are talking millions of travellers passing through country’s border management systems, placing strain on many an airport infrastructure.

In addition to this growing pressure, airports and border agencies are also faced with the increasing threat of terrorism, which is also growing at an alarming pace, particularly over the last few years.

So what is the answer? Airports all over the world are being left with no other choice than to invest heavily in strengthening security measures across the entire airport environment.

This has led to a surge in growth for the airport security systems sector, which, according to new analysis from Frost and Sullivan estimates that the market will earn revenues in the region of $12-$13million by 2023. The study looked at the areas of perimeter security, surveillance and access control amongst many other aspects including data integration and cyber security as we see the concerns rising with the development and utilisation of connectivity onboard aircraft.

With NextGen technologies also poised to catapult the entire industry into the future, aviation security providers must be ready to go global.

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