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It has been announced that Luxaviation, Luxembourg-based business aviation operator has acquired Masterjet, Portuguese operator based in Lisbon, and operating business jets from Paris Le Bourget.

The acquisition will make Luxaviation rank as the largest business aviation operator in Europe, with almost 100 aircraft and more than 500 employees. Luxaviation now holds six air charter businesses: Luxaviation, Luxaviation Germany, Unijet (France), Abelag (Belgium), London Executive Aviation (UK) and now Masterjet (Portugal).

Current Masterjet president, Edward Queffelec and Karol Gueremy, managing director, will remain in their positions, as Luxaviation intend to continue its strategic position by retaining operational independence of each group operator.

The acquisition was completed for an undisclosed sum.

API Helps to Maintain Security While Expediting Passenger Processing - Find out more...UAE passengers bound for the U.S. will be able to enjoy immigration pre-clearance from this week, avoiding queues on arrival by undertaking immigration, customs and agriculture inspections at terminal three of Abu Dhabi airport where U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) facilities are in place.

Conditional requirements will be the provision of Advance Passenger Information and an individual, machine-readable passport. In addition, passengers must also produce a return or onward ticket for departure from the U.S. within a 90-day window of departure.

For passengers of Etihad Airways flying to New York JFK, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas, the service will be available from January 15. The facility is currently available in six other countries and 15 airports outside North America.

Cabin Services Solutions ProvidersLatin American LATAM Airlines Group has announced that it will invest $100 million on cabin services tech projects to help provide an enhanced passenger experience.

Plans include a Smartphone app for passengers to manage their travel arrangements, improvements to flight status systems that is aimed at giving passengers greater access to flight information and, through a deal signed with YouTube, passenger access to popular channels integrated into the in-flight entertainment system.

In addition, the launch of LAN & TAM Entertainment has been announced – a wireless IFE system that will allow passengers to watch TV, movies and video using their personal mobile devices on board.

Although WiFi connectivity is not yet part of the offering, LATAM Group have revealed that they have been exploring the possibility for a number of years and their eventual aim is to include WiFi in their free package.

Inflight Connectivity Solutions for Business AircraftA two-year demonstration project to test new approach and landing technology is being led by NetJets Europe for the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research program.

The project, part-financed by the SESAR joint undertaking, incorporates 15 organisations who will take part in over 200 flight demonstrations at six European airports, including approaches to land (AAL) and 14 other projects throughout 2016 to highlight the benefits of the SESAR initiative.

Business aircraft utilisation of synthetic and enhanced vision for flights in inclement weather at small, regional airports will be examined during the projects, in addition to approach procedures for access to large hubs.

A statement issued by the SESAR joint undertaking said, “The aim of the project is to pave the way for the uptake of these technologies, which are needed to overcome the limitations of the current ILS equipment, which is costly to install and maintain, and which can only guide straightforward approaches.”

Business aviation communications services providers are helping to pave the way for the SES initiative, as operators aim to complete the retrofit upgrades in preparation to fulfil mandatory requirements for compliance.

Find Out More About How APIS Helps National SecurityFive airports across India have implemented an Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) in a bid to bring a halt to the smuggling problem by keeping track of ‘suspicious’ passengers.

Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports now have fully operational APIS implementation, effectively beginning the creation of the electronic database of passengers, crew and airline personnel.

APIS was given its first outing in India last year at Indira Ghandi International Airport and has now become more widespread following the success of the system there. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) made the decision, under the Finance Ministry, to extend the implementation to other airports in India after arrests were made and passengers apprehended.

Customs officials released a statement earlier this week, “So far the system has been generating important inputs and its leads have resulted in apprehension of passengers trying to smuggle in gold and other banned items.”

According to the statement, there have been 399 cases of gold smuggling reported at Mumbai International airport, 265 at Chennai and 171 at Delhi airports. There have been 90 cases of gold smuggling reported at Kolkata International airport, 36 at Hyderabad and 34 at Bengaluru airports during the same period.

It is hoped that the success of APIS demonstrated at Indira Ghandi International will continue at the other locations.

Bill Boeing Jr Dies Aged 92It was announced today by Boeing that William E. Boeing Jr, the son of the company founder, William E Boeing Snr, has died at the age of 92.

Boeing Chairman and CEO, Jim McNerney paid tribute today and said, “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Bill Boeing, Jr. Bill’s impact on the social and economic development of the Puget Sound has greatly benefited generations in the community.”

Seattle-born Boeing had his first aviation experience at five years old, riding in one of the Boeing 40 series aircraft, an early mail plane. He had a career in construction and built a hangar space at Boeing field, which became the home of Aero9 Copters, his helicopter company that he operated for nine years before moving into the broadcasting industry and keeping several radio stations for a number of years.

A long-term trustee of Museum of Flight in Seattle, William arranged for the Red Barn, the main building then used for the construction of the first Boeing aircraft, to be moved to the Museum, where it stands today.

Continuing, Mr McNerney said, “We are especially grateful for his efforts to preserve our largest home community’s history of aerospace innovation by helping secure and renew the legendary Red Barn, our first factory, a special place that he visited as a boy. Then, as a leading light in the creation and expansion of the Museum of Flight, he helped showcase our heritage and inspire generations to join in and further advance the science and business of aerospace. Bill continued his family’s great heritage with grace, energy and goodwill. As we cherish his memory, we will also continue to see his works through the institutions he left us and the people who were helped and inspired by his leadership.”

Passenger Communications & In-Flight Connectivity Solutions for the Business Jet Flight DeckAs an industry, aviation is awash with discussion about the benefits, both safety and operational, of in-flight connectivity through e-enablement.

The business aviation sector is ahead of the game in this and many other areas, as many BIZAV operators are already utilising WiFi and in-flight connectivity, not just for passenger communications, but also for keeping the flight deck up-to-date, using the latest solutions, such as connected Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and increasing flight efficiency with real-time access to flight data and weather updates.

In the Middle East, cabin crew use the aircraft enhanced connectivity to save valuable time, one of the driving forces for business passengers. Using in-flight connectivity features enables cabin crew to send and receive updates, such as cabin maintenance requirements and aircraft status, which can lead to faster turnaround times, ultimately saving business aircraft operators time and money.

In-flight connectivity solutions providers for the business aviation sector make full use of the latest technology to ensure that operators around the world can streamline their operations. The commercial sector is sure to follow.

Providers of CPDLC for Enhanced Operational MessagingThe transition to Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), according to the original timeline, should by now be well under way, with retrofit requirements under the Single European Sky initiative due by next month.

The European Commission has indicated that the deadline will now be moved to make sure that the industry is ready and that CPDLC avionics are reliable. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are implementing the infrastructure in advance of the mandates and the SES initiative is still a global reality.

Although the process is slow, and the costs for retrofitting high, the transition to CPDLC will save airlines and operators in the long-term and increase safety for the skies on a worldwide scale. It is unlikely that CPDLC will replace voice communications altogether, but datalink messaging needs to be implemented in order to cope with the upsurge in air traffic that is expected over the next two decades.

It is not just Europe that is attempting to embrace the CPDLC technology. Data link communications are being trialled in the U.S. under the NextGen program and in Canada, nationwide implementation of CPDLC was completed last summer.

Although phase two of the SES initiative was planned for next month, it seems likely that the plans, so far fraught with technical difficulties, training delays and the cost of retrofitting, may be moved as far as five years into the future.

Bombarider Learjet 75 OrderBombardier ended the year on a high with an order for six Learjet 75s from an undisclosed customer worth $83 million. The order also includes an option for three more, which could mean a potential $124 million if all options are exercised.

According to Pierre Beaudoin, president and CEO of French manufacturer Bombardier, the market for lighter aircraft is taking over from the larger models. He revealed that 16 Learjets were delivered by September last year, compared with just nine in the same period of 2013.

The Learjet sector of Bombardier’s business operations continues to lead with the 70 and 75 models with the introduction of the Learjet 85 on the horizon.

Other Providers of Aviation Consultancy ServicesRobert Stangarone, a former aviation industry executive with a respected 40-year career, has announced the inception of a new aviation consultancy firm, utilising a list of experts and colleagues from almost every sector of the industry.

Mr Stangarone offers a global consultancy service, helping operators all over the world with a reliable, knowledgeable network of more than 30 consultants, including former CEOs.

Aviation consultants can help with many aspects of the industry and can assist operators with cost-cutting endeavours for aviation messaging, operational productivity and management systems. Often, aviation messaging can be complex and difficult to understand, particularly with Type B messaging. As millions of messages are exchanged on a global scale every day, it is also difficult for operators to create budgeting.

Aviation consultants can make a significant difference to an airlines’ bottom line when considering operations and what better qualifications are available than decades of industry experience?