New Consultancy Service from Aviation Communications Executive

Other Providers of Aviation Consultancy ServicesRobert Stangarone, a former aviation industry executive with a respected 40-year career, has announced the inception of a new aviation consultancy firm, utilising a list of experts and colleagues from almost every sector of the industry.

Mr Stangarone offers a global consultancy service, helping operators all over the world with a reliable, knowledgeable network of more than 30 consultants, including former CEOs.

Aviation consultants can help with many aspects of the industry and can assist operators with cost-cutting endeavours for aviation messaging, operational productivity and management systems. Often, aviation messaging can be complex and difficult to understand, particularly with Type B messaging. As millions of messages are exchanged on a global scale every day, it is also difficult for operators to create budgeting.

Aviation consultants can make a significant difference to an airlines’ bottom line when considering operations and what better qualifications are available than decades of industry experience?

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