Business Aviation Ahead with In-Flight Connectivity

Passenger Communications & In-Flight Connectivity Solutions for the Business Jet Flight DeckAs an industry, aviation is awash with discussion about the benefits, both safety and operational, of in-flight connectivity through e-enablement.

The business aviation sector is ahead of the game in this and many other areas, as many BIZAV operators are already utilising WiFi and in-flight connectivity, not just for passenger communications, but also for keeping the flight deck up-to-date, using the latest solutions, such as connected Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and increasing flight efficiency with real-time access to flight data and weather updates.

In the Middle East, cabin crew use the aircraft enhanced connectivity to save valuable time, one of the driving forces for business passengers. Using in-flight connectivity features enables cabin crew to send and receive updates, such as cabin maintenance requirements and aircraft status, which can lead to faster turnaround times, ultimately saving business aircraft operators time and money.

In-flight connectivity solutions providers for the business aviation sector make full use of the latest technology to ensure that operators around the world can streamline their operations. The commercial sector is sure to follow.

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