Strong Passenger Traffic Growth in 2014 Says ICAO Report

The Latest Aviation Industry NewsAccording to a preliminary report from the ICAO, an estimated 3.2 billion passengers used air transport in 2014. This shows growth of approximately 5% on last year and demonstrates accuracy in the predictions for the industry as a whole.

Based on the current predictions, we can expect more than 6.4 billion by 2030 as we saw aircraft departures reach 33 million – a new record and beating 2013 figures by around a million flights.

The largest air travel market was the Asia-Pacific region, claiming more than 30% in terms of RPKs. Second was Europe, with a 27% share and third North America with 25%.

Showing the fastest growth, however, was the Middle East at a rate of 12.8%, while African growth was shown at a more modest 1.5%, but is expected to grow stronger this year, particularly in the business aviation sector.

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