Indira Ghandi International Airport Step Up Physical Security After Bomb Threat

Physical Airport Security Solutions ProvidersLast month security concerns were raised after Indira Ghandi International Airport (IGI) received a bomb threat. Not unused to hoax messages, IGI have taken the threat seriously for many reasons, including the fact that this one arrived just three days after threats were made to bomb flights from Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kochi ā€“ all three airports were also put on high alert.

The ensuing review revealed areas of vulnerability at IGI, including parts of security fencing that are completely concealed with overgrown, dense foliage. These areas have already twice experienced security breaches in the past year.

Airport physical security has been stepped up, which involve vehicle checks and monitoring, additional personnel on-site and a review of the overgrown areas located behind airport buildings, including the offices of the Airports Authority of India, the Bureau of the Civil Aviation Authority and New Customs House ā€“ all of which could be potentially targeted.

All over the world, airports are realising an increasing need for airport physical security measures to be tightened and more securely monitored. The aviation industry as a whole relies upon physical security to ensure that passengers, aircraft and personnel are kept safe at all times, both on the ground and in the air.

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