Network Services & Critical Messaging Renewed by Gulf Air

Solutions for Airport Operational messaging from Other Leading ProvidersGulf Air, Bahrain’s principal airline carrier has announced a renewal of network services, critical messaging and voice services in a comprehensive global infrastructure designed to streamline operational messaging and allow DCS access at airports around the world via its VPN.

SITA, air transport IT specialists, will provide the airline with continued service and are delighted to renew the partnership that has spanned more than four decades.

Hani El-Assaad, President of Middle East, India and Africa at SITA, said, “SITA is helping Gulf Air optimise its network, messaging and voice services. This will reduce operational costs and improve service quality and availability. It will also enable the airline to communicate with the entire air transport industry quickly and efficiently using the SITA messaging distribution network, the largest and most versatile network in the industry.”

Reliable, secure access to VPN via a complex network of integrated airport systems is essential for the smooth flow of passengers and air traffic. Airport hub systems can streamline the entire Type B messaging process and handle operations from the baggage handling department to the apron.

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