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Airports Integrate Systems Software to Improve Efficiency and Passenger SatisfactionAirports all over the world are investing in the latest software solutions to reinforce their commitments to improving efficiency and passenger satisfaction. In today’s airport environment, greater efficiency is being achieved via systems integration and this is an area that can benefit the airport in many ways, from the back office to the terminal front line.

At this year’s Airport IT & Security 2018 conference in Amsterdam, held next month at Schiphol Airport’s Hilton, attendees will be invited and welcomed to the seminar – Keeping Pace with the Challenges of Security and Operational Efficiency.

The seminar will focus on the importance of drawing together disparate, new technologies and systems, integrating them to deliver greater situational awareness, enhanced analytics and ultimately increased efficiency.

What airport systems are integrable?

Within the airport environment every system and operational solution should be integrable. Only when systems can communicate with each other can a truly seamless airport operational environment be created.

For example, when access to airport and airline systems can be launched from any workstation, the operational environment becomes much smoother in its approach to check-in, loading and flight control, or when airport messaging happens in a secure, integrated environment, greater security is achieved, and reporting is made simpler.

In a world where security, efficiency and passenger experience is paramount, it is clear to see how systems integration can benefit airports of all sizes.

About the conference

Visitors to the exhibition and conference will have an opportunity to discover how airports can begin to work more closely with airlines and third-party providers in terms of messaging and real-time information-sharing. Connecting government agencies, customs and security providers, emergency services and local authorities delivers more flexibility and offers a transparent, yet seamlessly secure environment via automated, real-time messaging.

Solutions for Airport Operational messaging from Other Leading ProvidersGulf Air, Bahrain’s principal airline carrier has announced a renewal of network services, critical messaging and voice services in a comprehensive global infrastructure designed to streamline operational messaging and allow DCS access at airports around the world via its VPN.

SITA, air transport IT specialists, will provide the airline with continued service and are delighted to renew the partnership that has spanned more than four decades.

Hani El-Assaad, President of Middle East, India and Africa at SITA, said, “SITA is helping Gulf Air optimise its network, messaging and voice services. This will reduce operational costs and improve service quality and availability. It will also enable the airline to communicate with the entire air transport industry quickly and efficiently using the SITA messaging distribution network, the largest and most versatile network in the industry.”

Reliable, secure access to VPN via a complex network of integrated airport systems is essential for the smooth flow of passengers and air traffic. Airport hub systems can streamline the entire Type B messaging process and handle operations from the baggage handling department to the apron.

Web-Based Operations Solutions for AirportsA new partnership has been announced for the aviation industry of Casper and Cirrus Environment (UK) who will work together on the much-debated subject of noise monitoring.

The web-based noise management solution is an effective tool, combining automated analysis and reporting functionality to bring a supported noise management system to airports of all sizes. Portable, semi-permanent and permanent units can be used within the cloud-based network giving flexibility over a wide range of applications.

Cloud-based and web-based operations management solutions give access to permission-supported users across the industry in all sectors. This can bring effective and streamlined integration for operators; from airports operations to passenger processing and maintenance management on the ground and in the air. A growing number of aviation industry sectors are turning to web-based solutions as demands increase for cost-effectivity, sharing capabilities and communications speed and capacity.