France Follow Suit and Step Up Passenger Screening at Airports

Passenger Screening at Airports - Solutions ProvidersLast week we saw a call from the U.S. and the U.K. to boost security in airports across the countries as the threat of Islamic radical activities raised its ugly head once more. This week we see France following suit with a boost in passenger screening at its airports. Those most likely affected will be Paris’ Charles de Gaulle and Heathrow in the U.K. receiving a combined average of 2.5 million passengers per day.

The enhanced passenger screening procedure may cause delays for travellers, but the consensus is that it is a greater priority to keep passengers, flight crew and aircraft safe from threat. Both French and British authorities have advised passengers to allow extra time to pass through the enhanced screening procedures.

It is not clear what is involved, but it is thought to be focussed upon footwear and electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Earlier today, there were reports centred upon the use of mobile phones to carry complex explosive devices. Particular attention was being paid to those phones that are not fully charged, or at least able to be switched on with battery life remaining.

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