Private Jets Call for Better Infrastructure

Business Jet Communications Solutions ProvidersPrivate jet operators are noticing that as executive aircraft get bigger, faster and with longer-range capabilities, the demand for parking, hangar space and landing slots is causing problems. There is a widespread call for improved infrastructure to allow some flexibility within the flight plan.

Flight planning involves many thousands of minute calculations, including slot management and route management and as executives fly to further-flung destinations with fewer facilities, parking problems are causing increasing headaches for operators.

Many International airports are unprepared for the volume of business jets, having been designed 10-20 years ago when business jets were traditionally smaller.  This has resulted in rising parking charges and, in some cases, limited slot times that require faster turnaround times on the ground and parking elsewhere before returning to collect the owners.

Flight planning must take all these factors into account and is a service that is offered by third-party providers for business aviation. Most individual owners cannot afford the luxury of a full-time planning department as commercial carriers employ. Flight planning providers, such as ARINC Direct, specifically cater for private jet operators, whether with one aircraft or an entire fleet.

Manufacturers are working towards making improvements to the infrastructure of business aviation, Gulfstream, for example, opened the first service centre in Asia; in Beijing, and has added four full-service airport centres with maintenance and hangar facilities exclusively for business jet aircraft. Earlier this year Bombardier opened a service centre in Singapore, realising that growth will spell more demand.

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