Satellite Passenger Connectivity Services Selected by Thaicom

Passenger Connectivity Communications Providers

Thaicom, a leading satellite communications provider in Asia Pacific, has selected Hughes Network Systems to deliver satellite broadband technology for passenger connectivity for SE Asian airlines in partnership with Global Eagle Entertainment.

“Thaicom has expanded our In-flight Connectivity (IFC) offering as a part of our Mobility Services, utilizing the latest satellite-based communications technologies that have extensively served sea-air-land connectivity targeting customers in Thailand and Southeast Asia,” said Dr. Sakon Kittivatcharapong, senior vice president of Ground System Operations at Thaicom PLC. “With In-flight Connectivity our airline partners will gain significant advantages by reducing operational costs while adding more value to their services.”

As passenger connectivity in the rear of the plane is becoming as increasingly important to airline operations as the connectivity in the cockpit, airlines are feeling the pressure to provide end-to-end cabin services. Satellite networks partnerships give seamless passenger connectivity for in-flight broadband and in-flight entertainment at costs that are becoming more and more competitive. With the rules beginning to relax about the use of personal tablets in the cabin, and the bandwidth capabilities growing, we can soon envisage the marketplace competition getting decidedly heavier.

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