STARS Airlines Tunisia Selects ARINC AviNet Mail Solution from Rockwell Collins

AviNet Mail Airport Messaging Service InformationIt has been announced today by Rockwell Collins that Tunisian Airline, STARS, has selected their ARINC AviNet Mail Enterprise messaging service to provide a cost-effective solution for their messaging requirements for passenger processing and cargo systems messages.

“AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub represents the next generation messaging hub for the air transport industry,” said general manager for STARS Airlines, Chemam Hichem. “With eHub serving as our messaging platform, we have migrated all of our legacy accounts to Rockwell Collins because of its cost effective solution and superior customer service.”

The ARINC AviNet eHub solution is a cloud-based service, requiring no costly internal server installation or software licensing fees and offers free local traffic routing. There are also reduced costs to the customer for infrastructure, training and individual messaging transactions. The solution brings reliable airline operational messaging with tailored plans and IATA compliance.

“eHub has been designed to meet all the IATA standards and customer interface needs, including Type B, XML SMTP, X400, Fax, SMS or even Type X,” said Alexis Hickox, senior director, Aviation Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “With eHub, we’re continuing the drive to reduce operational costs, and at the same time equipping our customers with the ability to embrace future developments in messaging.”

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