Aircraft Internet Demand Drives up Revenues

Other Aircraft Internet ProvidersAs the demands for aircraft internet rise amongst passengers, in-flight WiFi communications providers are beginning to see a rise in revenue with Gogo Inc reporting an increase of 35% for the first quarter of this year, amounting to $95.7 million.

“We have proven our leadership in bringing more bandwidth to any aircraft type no matter where it flies,” said Michael Small, Gogo CEO. “In addition Gogo has uniquely positioned itself as a full-service communications provider to the global aviation industry. There’s a sensational demand for connectivity on every face of the earth,” he said. “It’s not surprising that it’s the same demand in the air too.”

Business passengers have had high expectations of aircraft connectivity for some time, according to business aviation providers, ARINC Direct. Faster broadband speeds and global connections are essential for the ‘office-in-the-sky’ needs and competitiveness in the business sector is rising as more operators strive for better services for their passengers.

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