Passur Aerospace & Raytheon Unite to Improve Airport Safety

Airport Operations Solutions ProvidersRaytheon, global defence contractors and Passur Aerospace, specialising in predictive analytics and business intelligence have formed an alliance to bring an enhanced perspective to airport safety and efficiency, it has been announced. The partnership will integrate Passur’s predictive analytics decision support software with Raytheon’s air traffic management systems and will work in unison with the FAA’s NextGen Terminal Flight Data Manager programme.

It is hoped that the collaboration will produce and process enhanced flight data and transmit it to air traffic positions and tower control. The information will allow airport operators and airlines to function efficiently within a seamless air traffic system, thus streamlining operations. The system will roll out with a demonstration this month at the Communications for Safety conference.

Jim McCoy, VP of Raytheon ATS said, “We are using analytics to create useful information and get it to the air traffic managers and operators who make crucial decisions regarding air traffic flow at all stages of flight. Rapid access to better information enhances safety, efficiency, and the curb-to-curb travel experience.”

“Passengers and operators are rightfully demanding a more predictable air travel experience,” said Jim Barry, PASSUR president and CEO. “Through the Raytheon/PASSUR collaboration, we achieve this objective and bring enhanced reliability to everyone involved.”

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