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Cessna 30 Million Hour MilestoneCessna have proudly announced that the 30 million hours milestone has been reached and surpassed by its Citation business jet – a figure unmatched in the business aviation industry.

The first Cessna Citation jet was launched over 42 years ago and since then more than 6,600 jets have been delivered, making them the best-selling family of business jets the world over. Eight models of Citations are currently designed and manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Co, each one focussing upon comfort, utility and performance.

Brad Thress, senior vice president of Cessna Business Jets, said, “More Cessna Citations have been sold than any other family of business jet, and more customers around the world choose Cessna’s Citation jets to save time and meet their business and transportation needs. When it comes to the business of aviation, we believe that Cessna is looked upon as the aviation authority and the Citation name is synonymous with performance, dependability, and sustained value. It’s a role we embrace, and a reputation Cessnans are proud of. We look forward to living up to this standard for the next 30 million flight hours.”

Providers of Automated Baggage Handling SolutionsSince 9/11, there is little doubt that increases in airport security and border control have swept the globe. As governments and border control agencies take technological advancements and solutions to border security into the 21st Century airports, not only have these biometric solutions improved security, but have indeed contributed to an enhanced experience for the passenger.

It is small wonder that market intelligence providers, Acuity, report that the automated border control eGate and kiosk market will generate over $1.2 billion annually by 2020. The analysts also predict that during the same year, automated border control systems will number more than 6,000 with 33,000 self-service kiosks and eGates deployed for baggage drop and check-in across all ports, including airports, land and sea.

Maxine Most, principal of Acuity Market Intelligence says, “Automated border control eGates and kiosks represent the customer-facing touch points to what promises to be a far more complex and highly interoperable 21st Century border management IT infrastructure.”

Automated border control providers can integrate the system of passenger processing and baggage handling both within the terminal and off-site, creating improved through-flow for the airport and greater efficiency, which in turn offers the passenger far greater flexibility. Common-use terminal equipment brings multiple airlines baggage and self-service check-in solutions to streamline operations, leading to cost-effective management and infrastructure.

Aircraft Maintenance Messaging Solutions ProvidersBintan Island, a 1,030 sq kilometer island off the coast of Singapore in the Riau Islands province could soon be home to a new aircraft maintenance hub with plans to develop tourism and industry to the area. The plan is part of a joint venture between Singapore-based Gallant Venture investment firm and Garuda Maintenance facility AeroAsia.

The companies are committed to the venture, having signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ only last week at the Singapore Air Show. They said that the island’s existing airport is large enough for the development of a multi-terminal facility with two runways.

The plans include the stationing of Emirsyah airlines regional fleet in Bintan which will enable the venture to target tourism and the business industry.

Aircraft maintenance will form a large part of the new venture, recognising the importance of a dedicated maintenance facility in the area. Reliable aircraft maintenance provision and type b messaging will enhance operational productivity, reducing lost time on the ground and minimising potential delays.

Leading Cabin Services Solutions ProvidersThe partnership of Honeywell and Inmarsat has announced that they have completed the critical design review (CDR) for the GX Aviation avionics, and hope to gain certification later this year. Once certification is achieved, the product is expected to be introduced in spring 2015.

The GX Aviation system will bring ‘home equivalent’ wireless internet to both passenger aircraft and business jets elevating the experience for passengers in terms of connectivity and cabin services.

This follows the successful launch of Inmarsat’s latest Ka-band satellites, Inmarsat-5 F1, the first of three that will be launched this year. The new network will enhance global coverage and offer the high-speed connections that are in increasing demand in the industry.

The review will enable continued progress and is a milestone for the joint-managed project.

GX Avionics & Inmarsat Satellite Communications SolutionsIt has recently been announced that the Critical Design Review (CDR) has been completed by Honeywell and Inmarsat for the avionics of GX Aviation.

The launch of GX Aviation, scheduled for 2015, will bring in-flight connection speeds equivalent to those on the ground, as promised by both Honeywell and ARINC, who signed an agreement in October. The agreement is expected to provide Inmarsat’s GX Aviation to the business aviation sector.

Currently, GX Aviation uses Ka-band satellites, which offers the high-speed connections. After the agreement was signed in October, Inmarsat and Honeywell announced three new satellites planned for the Global Xpress network, the first of which was launched in December last year.

Miranda Mills, Inmarsat Aviation president is confident that the GX Aviation program and the Honeywell avionics will be ready for the service launch in 2015, she said ‘A comprehensive team from both Inmarsat and Honeywell has completed its analysis of every aspect of Honeywell’s satcom system to ensure it meets all our design criteria.’

Reliable and Secure APIS ProvidersIt has been announced that, North America’s largest flight planning service provider, has been approved and selected to work with the Mexican government to implement their plans for the submission of Advanced Passenger Information.

Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration (INM) announced last month that, in order to improve its ability to process passengers more efficiently, it needed to employ APIS for the submission of the passenger data within 30 minutes of departure.

The Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) allows passenger information to be processed in the destination country before touchdown, which enhances border control, identifying high-risk passengers and expediting low-risk individuals.

The transmission of API is mandatory in the U.S. and is spreading across the globe in the fight against terrorism.

Embraer-Lineage-1000E-Singapore-1Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, plan to bring four of its executive jets to the Singapore Airshow this year.

For the first time in Asia, the beautiful new version of the Lineage 1000, the Lineage 1000E, will be showcased and is looked forward to by the industry since the announcement was made in October last year.

Other business jets on show will be their Legacy 650 and the Phenom’s 300 and 100.

Sao Paulo based Embraer still compete with Bombardier for the title of the largest aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus. The company have offices worldwide, including offices in Beijing, Paris and Washington DC. Embraer runs more than 300 aircraft through the Asia Pacific regions.

During the Singapore Show, to be held at the Changi Exhibition Centre later this month, there will be breathtaking air displays in addition to the Trade Exhibition which is the largest of its kind in the region.

Dassault Training ProgramFollowing EASA regulatory approval, France’s Dassault Aviation have gained an industry first with the launch of their training academy, which will offer Part 147 practical training.

The training program will illustrate the necessity of allowing trainee aviation technicians to gain practical experience, which will then permit them to obtain the EASA rating certificate.

Dassault aim to stay ahead, in light of new regulations and new technologies coming into play within the business aviation industry. They constantly strive to develop training programs that will continue to meet future needs of their operators.

The new training centre running the Practical Training Program is located in Bordeaux, France and makes Dassault the first OEM to offer this level of training and support.

Other Providers of Business Aviation ServicesConsiderable growth in the business aviation services sector has been highlighted by the announcement that Gogo plans to relocate its business aviation division, Aircell, to a larger facility in Broomfield, CO, later this year.

Aircell provides business aviation services, including in-flight entertainment and connectivity to private jet aircraft. With almost 200 employees, and plans to create more jobs, the company expect further growth over the next few years and hope that the new facility, housing more than double the space that they currently occupy, will suit their future expansion needs.

The business aviation services sector has experienced a surge in recent times, largely due to the competitive demands of the modern executive traveller. It is expected to offer seamless connectivity during the entire flight and with aircraft covering greater distances, it has been necessary for business operators to step up to the challenges of continuous connectivity.

Business aviation services providers, such as ARINC Direct, bring seamless connectivity to their customers with a unique partnership of Inmarsat and Iridium satellite communications networks. This partnership offers truly global coverage, even when traversing oceanic expanses and Polar Regions.

As demands continue to grow, the business aviation services sector is expected to become more and more competitive and will give rise to further expansion as the year passes. There are no visible signs of business slowing, and as regulatory conditions continue to add to the pressure, it is set to be an interesting year for business aviation services.

Integrated Airport Operations Solutions on Show in DubaiThe fifth annual MRO Middle East Exhibition and Conference will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted by Penton’s Aviation Week, information and services provider for aviation and defence industry.

The conference will focus upon ways to maximise aviation efficiency using enhanced management practices while facing the issue of reducing costs; a growing concern amongst airports and operators across the world. The fact remains that streamlining airport operations is a high priority throughout the industry and solutions must be found to increase operational productivity while keeping a close eye on cost efficiency.

At the exhibition hall, product and service providers will be showcasing their solutions, including the latest in technological advancements, tools resources and services to help address some of the difficulties faced by global airports and operators.