Cessna 30 Million Hours Milestone Reached

Cessna 30 Million Hour MilestoneCessna have proudly announced that the 30 million hours milestone has been reached and surpassed by its Citation business jet – a figure unmatched in the business aviation industry.

The first Cessna Citation jet was launched over 42 years ago and since then more than 6,600 jets have been delivered, making them the best-selling family of business jets the world over. Eight models of Citations are currently designed and manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Co, each one focussing upon comfort, utility and performance.

Brad Thress, senior vice president of Cessna Business Jets, said, “More Cessna Citations have been sold than any other family of business jet, and more customers around the world choose Cessna’s Citation jets to save time and meet their business and transportation needs. When it comes to the business of aviation, we believe that Cessna is looked upon as the aviation authority and the Citation name is synonymous with performance, dependability, and sustained value. It’s a role we embrace, and a reputation Cessnans are proud of. We look forward to living up to this standard for the next 30 million flight hours.”

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