Honeywell & Inmarsat Finalize Avionics for GX Aviation

GX Avionics & Inmarsat Satellite Communications SolutionsIt has recently been announced that the Critical Design Review (CDR) has been completed by Honeywell and Inmarsat for the avionics of GX Aviation.

The launch of GX Aviation, scheduled for 2015, will bring in-flight connection speeds equivalent to those on the ground, as promised by both Honeywell and ARINC, who signed an agreement in October. The agreement is expected to provide Inmarsat’s GX Aviation to the business aviation sector.

Currently, GX Aviation uses Ka-band satellites, which offers the high-speed connections. After the agreement was signed in October, Inmarsat and Honeywell announced three new satellites planned for the Global Xpress network, the first of which was launched in December last year.

Miranda Mills, Inmarsat Aviation president is confident that the GX Aviation program and the Honeywell avionics will be ready for the service launch in 2015, she said ‘A comprehensive team from both Inmarsat and Honeywell has completed its analysis of every aspect of Honeywell’s satcom system to ensure it meets all our design criteria.’

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