Plans for Aircraft Maintenance Facility on Bintan Island

Aircraft Maintenance Messaging Solutions ProvidersBintan Island, a 1,030 sq kilometer island off the coast of Singapore in the Riau Islands province could soon be home to a new aircraft maintenance hub with plans to develop tourism and industry to the area. The plan is part of a joint venture between Singapore-based Gallant Venture investment firm and Garuda Maintenance facility AeroAsia.

The companies are committed to the venture, having signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ only last week at the Singapore Air Show. They said that the island’s existing airport is large enough for the development of a multi-terminal facility with two runways.

The plans include the stationing of Emirsyah airlines regional fleet in Bintan which will enable the venture to target tourism and the business industry.

Aircraft maintenance will form a large part of the new venture, recognising the importance of a dedicated maintenance facility in the area. Reliable aircraft maintenance provision and type b messaging will enhance operational productivity, reducing lost time on the ground and minimising potential delays.

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