Global Projections of Rise of Automated Baggage Handling

Providers of Automated Baggage HandlingA new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc (GIA) titled ”Airport Baggage Handling Systems” has focussed upon the rapid growth in the industry in the last few years.

The continuing rise in air traffic, and the emerging markets of developing countries is encouraging operators to build or upgrade terminals to increase capacity, and concomitant with this is the installation or upgrade of baggage handling facilities.

The trend report offers a useful, if brief, insight into the corporate initiatives and developments of key players in the baggage handling industry, looking at their products and analysing their prospects for growth.

The report covers a wide range of companies including: Rapiscan Systems, Aanestad AS, Daifuku Co. Ltd., JBT AeroTech, Portec, Logan Teleflex Ltd., Glidepath and Siemens AG.  Key markets, such as Asia-Pacific, are also discussed, together with projections and estimates for global projections to 2017.

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