Mission Critical Messaging System Selected by JorAMCo

Mission Critical Messaging System ProvidersJordan Aircraft Maintenance Ltd (JorAMCo) have selected AirVault to provide them with a web-based mission critical messaging service to assist with the management of aircraft maintenance records.

The Amman-based company have experienced steady growth and now need a more efficient messaging system to enhance their growth strategy.

Airline mission critical messaging requires not only efficiency, but reliability and security to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Aircraft maintenance requests and records must be delivered and received in a timely manner to reinforce the efficiency of the operator. Down-time spells financial losses and it is crucial that the entire process runs smoothly, quickly and reliably.

There are many providers of mission critical messaging solutions for aviation companies. Big organisations, such as ARINC, offer AviNet messaging solutions as a part of their integral and operational suite of products.

“We’re proud that JorAMCo chose AirVault as a mission-critical service to support the aircraft maintenance services it provides to its airline customers.  The adoption of AirVault technology by JorAMCo reinforces the value for the MROs of managing aircraft fleet maintenance records across their entire ecosystem of airline customers, business partners, and regulatory authorities,” said CEO of Critical Technologies, John Oldham, “The AirVault cloud-computing service provides the MRO a global conduit to better manage the bi-directional process of aircraft maintenance records files, in synchronization with their airline customers.”

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