Private Jet Purchases to Rise with Business Passenger Communications

Passenger Communications Services for Business JetsExecutive jet travel is set to increase with between 6,500 – 10,000 private jets predicted to be purchased in the next 8 years. The reasons for its popularity are clear; speed and comfort will always appeal, but on-board communication systems on modern jets can offer a further inducement to business travellers – the ability to offer all the communications capabilities of the office.

Satcom1, an aeronautical satellite communication solutions provider has stated its commitment to extending these capabilities to helicopters in 2014. Not such an easy task, as CEO and Co-founder Karina Larsen explained. “The challenge has always been to manage the rotor wing, so we had to redesign the network in a way that it compensates for the fast interruptions.” The resulting improvements will impact helicopter travel in many ways, from providing the communications data necessary for a TV, to fulfilling the complex requirements of service craft.

As the private aviation industry grows, particularly in emerging markets, Larsen has stated Satcom1’s intention to further develop. With its current business in the Middle East steadily increasing the company is now looking to the potential offered by Asia and Brazil, the latter already being home to Embraer. Of the other BRIC nations, Larsen says that only Russia has the required infrastructure. However, there is certainly a demand for satellite communication technology in aviation and Larsen expects that Satcom1s’s ability to provide complete solutions will leave it well-placed to capitalise on every opportunity as new markets emerge.

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