New Technology Division for Aircraft Communications Launched by Rockwell Collins

Inflight Aviation Communications Solutions for Business AviationRockwell Collins Inc. has opened a new technology division to further extend its reputation as a manufacturer of aircraft electronics after its $1.4 billion acquisition of ARINC Inc., its largest to date.

It is expected that ARINC’s long-standing, industry-leading aircraft communications experience will bring a strong foundation to the table.

Heading the division will be Jeff Standerski, bringing his 25-years of experience with Rockwell to bear on the development of an Information Management Services unit that, according to Chief Executive Officer Kelly Ortberg, will offer “a network in the sky.”

The emergence of smart aircraft, such as Boeing Co. (BA)’s 787 Dreamliner and Airbus SAS’s A380 and A350 jets, has led to an increasing reliance on powerful on-board computers. Ortberg anticipates that Arinc Inc., founded in 1929 and with a long history of providing air-to-ground communications is ripe for further development.

ARINC’s current subscription services, covering everything from in-flight e-mail services to the provision of real-time weather and flight data to pilots via its Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System are reported to assist in over 100,000 flights each day. In combination with Rockwell’s computer architecture Ortberg envisions the creation of new air-to-ground links and other applications that will, ultimately, transform the aviation industry.

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