UK Border Force Upgrade eBorders & ePassport Facilities

Electronic Borders SolutionsIt has been announced that the UK Border Force have awarded a contract for the upgrade and installation of electronic borders solution – eGates – to Portugese company, Vision-Box. Vision-Box have previously installed 46 first generation eGates and will now deploy a further possible 180 new, second generation gates at airports across the country.

The second generation eGates are designed to make the most of limited space in today’s airports and in particular, immigration halls. The project will help to further enhance and streamline passenger processing, improving passenger experience and effectively increasing security aspects.

Gatwick airport is the first to announce completion of the installation of 15 new generation eGates.

Haroona Franklin, Director of Border Systems Strategy & Capability said that “this deployment will represent the biggest ePassport Gate project in Europe. The new gates will allow Border Force to improve the passenger experience while maintaining security at the border and enabling the effective deployment of our resources to areas of highest priority”

Electronic border technology is a fast-growing industry that maintains critical border security while enhancing and streamlining the process to provide greater productivity, improved efficiency and passenger experience.

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