Two Students from Utah Valley University to Pilot for United Airlines

It has recently been announced that United Airlines have accepted two Utah Valley University (UVU) aviation students to intern for them later this year.

UVU are understandably proud that their students have been selected form thousands of other competitors as this is the first time that two students from the same University have been selected at the same time to fill two of the six available positions.  Aviation professor and internship mentor, Jim Green said, ‘The quality of our aviation students is very high.  In past internships with United and other airlines, our students have proven to be hardworking, reliable and honest.  That, and the fact that we have good faculty and good flight instructors, has earned our aviation program great respect in the industry.’

student pilots

One of the students will complete a 13-week internship in Houston, where she will undergo several hours of flight simulation training and will work alongside professional pilots.  This will help her to work towards her goal of attaining her transport pilot’s license.

The duration of the second internship will be for 3 months at the United Airlines Denver office.

The UVU aim to support their students and work hard to initiate the internships in order to kick start the aviation careers for seniors and graduates of the university.

They shape and educate the much-needed pilots, crews and aviation professionals of the future.

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