Bookajet Signals Business Aviation Growth

business aviation Bookajet

Bookajet, leading supplier of executive jets to celebrities has announced the first signs of growth in business aviation since the beginning of the recession.  This growth is a welcome move for the business aviation industry and is likened to the property sector by the MD of Bookajet, Mr Jonathan Clements, who adds, “We are pleased to say we are starting to come out of what has been a very flat and challenging time in Europe.”

It appears that charter demand in business aviation is on the increase and the arrival of new additional aircraft to the fleet has meant the creation of new jobs in the UK.

Bookajet was established in business aviation in 2003 and has bases throughout Europe, in Italy, France, the Netherlands and in Russia that deal with the charter of private jets; overseeing more than 40 aircraft, management and sales.

The newest addition to the fleet is the Gulfstream 4, a luxury executive private jet capable of long-range flight.

Private and business aviation is a steadily growing sector and is competitive, with more and more emphasis placed upon comfort and connectivity.  It is critical that business aviation stays ahead of the game in terms of affordability, maintaining high standards and allowing passengers the same levels of business availability in the air that they have on the ground.

Communications providers must remain cost-effective while offering a range of services that are combined to keep the cabin as efficiently connected as the flight deck to maintain serviceability in this competitive sector of business aviation.

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