New Multi-Million Dollar Fuel Station Approved for Fort Wayne Airport

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority has given the go-ahead for plans to be designed for a new aviation fuel station.  The fuel station is expected to be in the region of $4 and $5 million for construction cost, with design budget set at a maximum of $500,000.

The fuel station will be a major improvement for Fort Wayne Airport and will help to put the airport on the map for refuelling, giving the airport direct control over fuel, which is currently served by a fuel farm owned and managed by Atlantic Aviation.

Although contracts and designs are expected later this year, it could be years before the construction is finished and the fuel station is operational.

According to Scott Hindermann, executive director of the airport, local money will be used as the new station will not be eligible for federal funding.

In the aviation industry, fuel management can be critical to the continuation of operations for many airlines, both commercial and private.  Often, a large part of flight planning, the costs for fuel need to be managed for optimum productivity and also for the growing concerns about environmental impact.


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