ARINC eBorders APIS to Improve Border Control in Maldives

ARINC eBorders APIS is part of a suite of integrated Electronic Border Control solutions designed to improve border security with the provision of passenger and crew data in advance of arrival offering Immigration greater control over the flow of people to and from the country.

Paradise holiday destination, The Maldives have just awarded ARINC a five-year contract for the implementation of ARINC eBorders APIS at its international airports in a bid to improve efficiency and passenger flow in addition to the obvious security enhancement of advance passenger and crew information.

Mr Hamid Fathuhulla, Deputy Controller for the Department of Immigration and Emigration in the Maldives said, “We have chosen ARINC as our technology partner because of their industry leadership as well as proven expertise and experience of working with the world’s airports and airlines.  We are confident ARINC will meet our technology needs every step of the way as we continue to grow.”

ARINC offer tailored solutions according to the individual requirements of each customer and the industry standards of the international trade organizations and governmental mandates.  With decades of industry experience, ARINC remain world leaders in the fields of aviation, transportation and security, offering an extensive range of technological and communications solutions in the air, on the sea and on the ground.

Michael DiGeorge, ARINC Asia Pacific Managing Director said, “It is crucial for airports and other points of entry to meet their border security and control requirements while providing the highest levels of customer service.  At the same time, they need to manage increased operational costs as a result of compliance to new security requirements and mandates.  We are committed to helping the Maldives meet its current and future border security and control objectives.”

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