WINGX Reports Fall in Business Aviation Figures

It was recently reported in the latest release of the Wingx Business Aviation Monitor that business aircraft flight departures fell by 10% in Europe over the past year.  The figures reflect a major decrease over the year, mostly due to March 2012’s strong figures, as March 2013 showed 20% more activity than February 2013.

The Euro Zone financial crisis has been blamed for the major decrease, as there were increases in flights from the Middle East, BRIC countries and East and West Africa.

Christoph Kohler, Managing Director of WINGX Advance, said, “March analysis indicates a slump which was certainly precipitated by further Euro Zone tensions, especially affecting demand in Germany. The overall picture is gloomy, but there is growth, in selective aircraft types and on specific routes.”

Growth was recorded, however, in the Russian Federation, Norway, Turkey and the Ukraine with a couple of activity spikes in Malta and Cyprus.  The relatively small business aviation market associated with Ireland also saw an increase.

Piston activity was badly hit, being 27% down over the year, business aviation charter activity coming down by 6% compared to March 2012.

This comes as business aviation services become more affordable to the sector and surprisingly the largest drops were felt by smaller aircraft, such as Cessna, Beechcraft and Piper aircraft, while the industry experienced a rise in usage of Ultra-long range, Bizliner and Heavy Jets.

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