ARINC Continues to Lead the Industry with Support on CPDLC

ARINC with their development of ACARS in the 1970’s are well-known in the aviation industry and the clear choice when looking for support with CPDLC solutions.

Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), having responsibility for a large number of aircraft in wide ranging airspace, require different support to individual airlines for obvious reasons.  ARINC’s services are in high demand in this area.

Controller Pilot Datalink communications (CPDLC) with Air Traffic Control (ATC) via VHF datalink Mode 2 (VDLM2) is set to replace ACARS messaging in the future, and ARINC will be advising airlines on their specifications for equipping, upgrading or retrofitting to enable use of CPDLC by February 2015.

ARINC already works with ANSPs across Europe – NATS (UK), DFS (Germany) and Skyguide (Switzerland) to ensure they implement the links by the end of this year.

Yanko Videv, ARINC EMEA Aviation Solutions datalink program manager said that they aim to engage with ANSPs “In the early stages of their requirement definition, to facilitate a smoother transition to CPDLC.”

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) want to see a universal worldwide standard for datalink communications based upon ICAO Aeronautical Telecommunications Network standards, with voice communications used as a back-up.

Although the U.S. will not use the same system as Europe, for now, the Future Air Navigation System (FANS) standards will continue to be accepted in VDLM2 regulated airspace, under exemption, until harmonization occurs.

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