Seal Dynamics Chooses ARINC For Type B

Seal Dynamics, one of the world’s largest and diverse suppliers of aviation parts and components becomes one of the latest customers for ARINC’s industry-leading AviNet Mail.

Based in the U.S. and with field locations across the globe, Seal Dynamics are committed to meeting customer demand, fulfilling hundreds of daily orders of FAA PMA approved, self-manufactured parts and components from OEM-approved manufacturers for the International market.

With a focus upon reliability and timely delivery of critical parts for airlines, Seal Dynamics needed a solution that provided essential back-up for their electronic ordering system.  Their reputation depends upon excellent service and efficient processing of parts orders to ensure the continuity of airline operations.

ARINC Incorporated, with their global reputation for the provision of innovative communications solutions proved that AviNet Mail is more than capable of the job in hand. Using Type B messaging services to handle critical communications is a daily occurrence for ARINC, serving many hundreds of aviation customers with decades of industry assurance of delivery and utmost reliability.

‘We chose ARINC’s AviNet Mail because it provides us with high message reliability, ease of use, accessible support, alternative methods for accessing Spec2000 messages and on-demand traffic analysis’ said Seal Dynamics Vice President of Technology, Marc Alter.

Yun Chong, ARINC Vice President of Global Network and IT Solutions said ‘ARINC values the opportunity to serve a recognized market leader and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.’

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