CommutAir Picks ARINC For Passenger Security Reporting

CommutAir has chosen the ARINC AviNet Global Data Network Solution to transmit crew Advance Passenger Information to ensure adherence with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) passenger reporting requirements. The new proprietary reporting guidelines were created by CBSA in response to privacy and data quality concerns.

CommutAir said it selected ARINC to create a customized solution that would comply with CBSA’s new Data Acquisition Solution guidelines. On behalf of the carrier, ARINC will perform the required message format and communications protocol conversion to meet CBSA guidelines.

CommutAir is headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont with operations centered in Cleveland, Ohio and Newark, New Jersey. The company provides regular flights into Toronto and between more than 20 cities throughout the Midwestern and Northeastern U.S.

ARINC can examine the aviation messaging needs of any aviation user, and make a quick check of potential savings easily available through an online calculator. ARINC says “We understand Type B messaging better than anyone. That’s why we’ve developed a consultancy service to help you understand it too. Use our message calculator tool to gain an immediate idea of the size of your potential saving and then contact us to confirm the numbers”.

The online calculator can be found at: ARINC Type B Check

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