Realise the potential of next generation passenger connectivity

ARINC are offering airlines the next generation of passenger connectivity and personal electronic device support with their product Cabin Connect.

ARINC work in partnership with Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband solution to deliver enhanced bandwidth so that airline passengers can now surf the internet, send and receive email, and use universal messaging all through their own portable electronic device, be that laptop, tablet computer e.g. iPad or Playbook, smart phone or portable gaming devices.

ARINC Cabin Connect SwiftBroadband

ARINC Cabin Connect SwiftBroadband

Alongside this ARINC offer AirCrew connect, a solution offering cabin crew connectivity to allow crew to become more efficient and offer a better level of customer service to passengers inflight. Cabin crew can now act as a concierge service for those important passengers, can collect real time CRM data as well as active fault finding and reporting. Anything that can be done on paper can now be logged and sent while inflight, allowing airlines to enjoy increased operational efficiencies.

Thanks to AirCrew Connect it is also possible to do real time fault finding, providing increased efficiencies as any issues with the IFE or onboard systems can either be remedied in flight (dependent upon the airline’s IFE hardware provider) or engineers can be booked to be waiting on stand for the aircraft to arrive at its destination, thus decreasing the amount of downtime the airframe requires.

Supporting various commercial models, ARINC can work with airlines to find the best unique solution to offer to your passengers and crew, creating differentiation and increased value that can help to promote passenger loyalty.

To find out more about the service please visit the ARINC Cabin Connect website.

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