Bad weather costs commercial aviation $27 billion

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that 70% of all aviation delays are caused by weather events, costing the U.S. $27 billion in lost productivity annually.

With two-thirds of these delays preventable with better flight planning, the public and private sector are working together to improve how air traffic controllers and pilots identify and manage weather.

The FAA’s Next Generation (NextGen) air traffic control modernization program has already begun to improve the National Airspace System and transform the way we fly. NextGen is moving aircraft navigation from traditional ground-based radar systems to a global constellation of satellites and upgrading air traffic communications infrastructure to enhance real-time data availability and enable effective collaboration through information sharing.

For business jet owners and operators flight planning for weather events can be challenging. Balancing cost and service is a necessary part of business aviation. Flight support and flight planning services, such as those offered by ARINC direct are invaluable.

As an FAA QICP-certified weather provider, ARINC Direct offers a multitude of services—including a wide array of text products and hundreds of prognostic charts and animations with the most detailed weather data customised to operational needs with both real-time and forecast weather charts, including U.S. NEXRAD and worldwide radar and satellite imagery.

For more information on how ARINC Direct can help business aviation users balance cost with exceptional service please visit the ARINC Direct Flight Support page.

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