The need for physical security systems in aviation and beyond

Before airport security hit the headline after 9/11 airport perimeters were unsecured, tarmac access was policed poorly and employees often passed off “secure” identification amongst themselves when they lost or forgot their IDs.

With the outsourcing of most airport functions there are significant numbers of transient employees on site at airports, with access to all areas.

Apart from the risks of large numbers of employees there are risks posed by the general public. This month we heard that a stranded jet skier in Jamaica Bay adjacent to JFK International Airport in New York City climbed an eight-foot high perimeter fence, crossed two runways and arrived soaking wet at a Delta Air Lines terminal.

So we need to look at how to protect key infrastructure, such as airports. ARINC provides a product known as PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) for such eventualities.

ARINC security systems are designed to meet today’s needs for protecting critical infrastructure, while providing inherent flexibility to accommodate tomorrow’s challenges as well. ARINC delivers a combined and comprehensive suite of security solutions to applications, by field-proven engineering, management staff, and PMI-based project management expertise to deliver mission-critical security systems around the world.

The ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) security solution is a flexible and scalable command and control integrated platform for mission critical facilities and key infrastructure. Based on industry standards and open-system architecture, its systems integration capabilities and highly reliable command-and-control software enable a wide range of security technologies and functionality to be incorporated into a fully managed, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

For more information please visit the PSIM website.

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