Learjet 60XR production suspended by Bombardier

Bombardier have had to look production for the $13.7 million Learjet 60XR midsize business jet as demand has been lower than anticipated. Similarly demand for the smaller Learjet 40XR and Learjet 45XR have been exceptionally poor – although these will be subject to upgraded engines and avionic to increase appeal.

Priced at $13.5 million, the Learjet 75 is most similar to the Learjet 60XR in price and performance. The Learjet 75 will be available in the first half of 2013, says Bombardier. Both aircraft can carry up to nine passengers in the cabin, but the Learjet 75 will have less range – 2,040nm (3,780km) versus 2,405nm for the Learjet 60XR.

“We’re monitoring the market conditions,” says Bombardier when asked if production of the Learjet 60XR could resume. “If the demand improves in that segment, we may restart production. But right now our analysis indicates that demand will remain low in the near future.”

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