NASA asks pilots to participate in flight deck communications study

General aviation pilots have been invited to participate in a study with the FAA, from data collected through the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS).

The Aviation Weather in the Cockpit and Aeronautical Information Services via Data Link study hopes to gain information about incidents while pilots were using weather or AIS information in the cockpit.

“The information may be textual and/or graphical, obtained via data link or other sources to include ACARS [aircraft communications addressing and reporting system] and cell phones, on the ground or in the air,” said the NASA press release.

The study examines the type of weather data received, its accuracy, the cockpit display used, software or applications used to receive meteorological information, and end user graphical interface ratings.

Pilots who wish to participate in either study can do so by filing an ASRS report or, in some cases, by filing a report with the FAA’s Aviation Safety Action Program.

For airlines and operators who are concerned about either the accuracy or efficiency of the aircraft messaging ARINC also provide a service to analyse the cost effectiveness of current Type B communications and provide a consultancy on infrastructure and IT surrounding it. For more information please visit

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