Why is efficient ACARS is so important?

This week I wanted to focus on how some technologies can make or break an airline. An article that appeared on thehindu.com demonstrated how ACARS has been so important for one airline.

IndiGo has been showing a resounding success, with high seat take up rates and good profit margins whilst its competitors are grounding planes.

Now handling over 1 million passengers each month IndiGo was set up in early 2006 by Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia of InterGlobe Enterprises. The success has been attricuted to many actors but Kapil Kaul, regional head, Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA), states that one of the chief reasons for IndiGo’s success is its focus — “on-time performance, clean, neat aircraft, and good service”.

In India air travel is relatively expensive and therefore the key has been to appeal to a customer base on time saving benefits – for this reason a significant delay on a 55 minute flight would be a disaster. IndiGo has carved out a reputation for flawless “On Time Performance”, and an average on-time record of an amazing 90 per cent.

By using ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System), a constant radio and satellite communication between aircraft and ground stations, the airline has maximised it efficiency. Before every departure, an automatic message is triggered from aircraft to control centre and the departure time recorded immediately. Similarly, the moment the flight lands an automatic message is triggered from aircraft to control centre. These timings are recorded “real time” and without human intervention.

There is no doubt that the efficiency of IndiGo set it apart from its competitors in India, and demonstrated the importance of reliable aircraft messaging.

ARINC offer aircraft messaging solutions, including AviNet for Type B Messaging, to business aviation users, make such reliability affordable with fixed pricing plans. ARINC also include a consultancy service for those who want re-examine their Type B Messaging costs and make infrastructure more efficient.

For more information please visit typebcheck.com

IndiGo Success Due to ACARS

IndiGo Success Due to ACARS

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