EU/US Passenger Name Records Debate

Yet again this month we heard about the on-going debate between the EU and US on passenger name records.

The agreement allows US authorities access to data collected by airlines including passenger names, addresses, credit card details and seat numbers. There are provisions in the agreement limiting the use of PNR, and individuals will have the right to access their data, to have incorrect data corrected and the right to redress under the agreement.

Passenger name records and Advance Passenger Information (API) is obligatory in the USA and all EU member states. The information must be sent to the destination country’s border security department for effective border management. Failure to supply API can land airlines with fines of up to $5,000.

For the business aviation market cost effective solutions that fully comply are a must. ARINC offers a cost effective and reliable solution, called AviSec Messaging.

AviSec offers airlines Advanced Passenger Information & Passenger Name Records (PNR) systems to allow them to comply with current regulation and implement air transport security measures.

ARINC processes 25 million messages each day – over 50% of the world’s operational Type B traffic. For more information please visit:

AviSec Messaging - Passenger Name Records

AviSec Messaging – Passenger Name Records


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