New Canadian Passenger Reporting Requirements Met by ARINC’s Electronic Borders

The Canada Border Services agency (CBSA) has introduced new reporting guidelines in response to privacy and data quality concerns. ARINC announced this week that it will use its product Electronic Borders to assist the migration of airlines to the new Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) Push Program.

ARINC Electronic Borders

ARINC Electronic Borders








The program accepts a direct transfer of API/PNR data from air carriers and service providers. Airlines that use ARINC network solutions can send API/PNR messages directly to CBSA via the carrier’s reservation and departure control system or global distribution system. “ARINC technology offers the flexibility to support any airline in meeting the CBSA’s new API/PNR initiative,” said Thad Baringer, ARINC Business Development Director, Global Networks & IT Solutions.

“ARINC achieved a major milestone in January by transmitting its first live API message between airlines and the new CBSA data acquisition system,” stated Baringer. “We continue to offer seamless interoperability with existing airline technology and CBSA.”

CBSA set an initial compliance deadline of December 31, 2011 which was extended to March 31, 2012. The agency continues to work with airlines to migrate to the new data acquisition system.

ARINC’s Electronic Borders products are robust and safe, with a proven track record of four years live deployment and millions of passengers cleared in Europe. It aligns with current strategic e-Border security initiatives, supports the existing tight security rings and complies with the inspection processes already in place; all while keeping Border traffic moving as efficiently as possible. For more information please visit:

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