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AviSec Advance Passenger Information
AviSec Advance Passenger Information

This month we heard that the US and European Governments are disputing a deal on passenger data sharing – put together to fight serious crime and terrorism.

Advance Passenger Information (API), is obligatory in the USA and all EU member states. Increasingly it is being required by governments around the world. Combined with Passenger Name Records (PNR), this information must be sent to the destination country’s border security department for passenger screening, crucial for effective border management. Failure to supply API can land airlines with fines of up to $5,000.

One Dutch parliament member has spoken against the new deal, and if enough support is gathered the EU could vote against the deal in April. A rejection by the Parliament could leave major commercial airlines serving trans-Atlantic routes in a form of legal limbo – as airline would be obliged to supply the information to the US – but face legal action from EU passengers.

The dispute over passenger name records (which can include names, addresses, phone numbers, itineraries and credit card numbers) demonstrates the differing priorities of the US and EU.

Carriers looking to improve their Advance Passenger Information provision and remain in line with the latest legal requirements can turn to the industry leaders ARINC. The AviSec Messaging service has served the air transport industry’s need for secure, reliable messaging for over 50 years. Secure delivery is paramount for airlines which must transmit API in the form of batch flight manifests to border control agencies in the destination country.

Interactive API requires a fast and efficient query-response environment. AviSec leverages ARINC’s travel industry messaging service and supports a broad spectrum of IP protocols and legacy airline protocols.

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