Faster, friendlier AviNet Mail

AviNet Mail is the Web-based face of ARINC’s industry-standard Type B messaging service. In a recent survey of nearly 200 users no fewer than 72 per cent said they were very satisfied with the service, more than 60 per cent reported that their Type B bills had fallen after they had adopted it, and nearly all of them said they would be glad to recommend it to others.

Flexibility is one of the key strengths of AviNet Mail. Messages can be read all over the world on wireless Internet-enabled handheld devices like the iPhone and Blackberry. And the service’s infrastructure has “any-to-any” interoperability built into it, allowing customers to select the user interface that best suits their applications without having to worry about compatibility with their business partners.

The new version is even faster and more user-friendly than the one already in full operation with more than 550 customers. They use it for a wide variety of functions, including monitoring flight departures and arrivals, load control, passenger and cargo handling, and arranging ground transportation, wheelchair assistance and special in-flight catering.

“We’re intent on helping our customers to achieve still more cost savings and improvements in efficiency,” says Laura Petrozziello, sales and business manager for aviation solutions at ARINC EMEA. “We listened to their views and have taken them into account in this further development of AviNet Mail.”

The new features include a very powerful desktop client that synchronises customer PCs with ARINC’s Webmail and has additional templates to help users to send the more labour-intensive standard messages quickly and accurately.

“Some of these message formats are very complicated,” says Petrozziello. “Our templates make the customer’s life a lot easier.” The new desktop also has a built-in customer care capability supported 24×7 by a call centre.

“This client is a full ARINC product that we manage end-to-end,” says Petrozziello. “It has all the rules you would expect from a corporate email client like Outlook, so that it’s very straightforward to filter, forward and manage messages.

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